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Annual Fees 2011/2012
~ operative from 1st May 2011

                                                              Annual Fee                Joining Fee

Senior Full Bowls                                              £140.00                       £13.00
Junior Full Bowls (14-18 years)                          £  25.00                            Nil
Outdoor Bowls (only)                                        £105.00                       £13.00
Indoor Bowls (only)                                          £  80.00                       £13.00

(fees include VAT)                                  £  22.00                       £13.00

Social (fees include VAT)                                 £  22.00                       £13.00

NOTE: With the exception of the Junior Members the Joining Fee (which is a once only payment) includes a share fee of £1.00 and Club Entry Card purchase of £2.00.

Outdoor Bowls Green Fees
                                         No fee payable

Indoor Bowls Green Fees

Bowls Members - all players {15th September -30th April}         £1.00 per hour (50p per half hour)

Bowls Members - all players {1st May -14th September}              80p per hour (40p per half hour)

Non Members (bookable sessions only)                                   £5.00 per hour (inc. VAT)~ per person

Visitors Fees (Outdoor Bowls)
                                               £4.00 per half day (inc. VAT) ~ per person

Bowls Locker Hire Fee                                                         £5.00

Social Visitors Fee                                                                 50p

Replacement Club Entry Card                                             £2.00

Any card lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the Company Secretary.
Replacement cards are obtainable from the Registration Secretary.

Members should carry their cards at all times and produce them on request of those so authorised.               

Visit this page to check the current fees structure.